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Dedicated to our community and its people

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The MPOA strives to:


  • for property owners by engaging in non-partisan studies of significant community issues, enabling property owners to participate with their own voice
  • positions that may benefit member property owners including lower taxes

Communicate With

  • property owners through our web site, the sponsorship of forums, and newspaper articles with the goal of making relevant non-partisan information available to Madison taxpayers
  • whomever is in a position to effect change

Educate and Be Educated By

  • property owners on public issues including, but not limited to, environmental, financial and social issues affecting the Town of Madison

Our Forums

To support our vision, MPOA will host a perennial series of forums that will serve as a non-partisan tool to inform our community and to provide an opportunity for Madison property owners and taxpayers to keep current with the issues and to articulate their views on programs being presented, such as town capital spending projects or individual tax issues.

Our Members

MPOA is non-partisan. Recognizing the diversity of Madison's property owners, our membership is also diverse. MPOA encourages all property owners to share in our vision, become members and become actively engaged in the future of our community.

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