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Jesse Buell
Jesse  was born in Clinton and graduated from The Morgan School in 1992. With degrees from Wesleyan, Yale and Duke, Jesse went on to work for the US Forest Service, the Division of Forest Management Research and served as assistant dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He helped open national parks in North Carolina, New Mexico and Colorado and was an authority on forest measurement techniques. He was Clinton Town Historian and donated over 48 acres of pristine wilderness to the Clinton Land Trust, land that had been in the Buell family for 11 generations. 
Lonesome Pine was Jesse’s favorite spot on the Cream Pot Road property. His own words about the property: ‘I own an 82 acre woodlot that presumably has been in my family since Englishmen settled here in 1663. I treasure it because I like to think about my granddaddy, nine generations ago, tramping over it, and because I enjoy tramping over it now. I treasure it too, because all my American ancestors, including my Dad, needed that woodlot to keep them warm, to cook their meals and to furnish lumber useful for operating a rocky, Connecticut shore farm….my woodlot is a source of warmth, recreation, and pride – not profit”

Lynnabeth Mays Meadow in Jesse Buell Forest

Lynnabeth Mays was an exuberant, joyful and very active part of the life of Clinton in many ways. As a musician Lynnabeth performed folk songs accompanying herself on the autoharp, and as an actress she participated in many productions of the Clinton Actors’ Theatrical Society and was an adujunct patient player at the Yale Medical School. She also served as a special education aide at Jared Eliot School and was the children’s librarian at the Henry Carter Hull Library for 11 years. She served 20 years as a board member and secretary of the Land Trust, organized Clinton’s original recycling program and sat on the Open Space Advisory Committee. Lynnabeth was a very active member of the Clinton Historical Society where a tree and bench are named in her honor. There is also a meadow in Jesse Buell Forest named for her.

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