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Most of our events and meetings happen along the eastern shoreline of Connecticut. At our monthly meetings we encourage an exchange of ideas through lively conversations and/or educational speakers. For the past few years our club has been enjoying riding new trails and working to keep them accessable to equestrians.

Established in 1962, the Lower Connecticut River Valley Horsemen's Club was (pardon the pun) "a horse of a different color". In the '60s, friends who were interested in taking care of local trails and riding together on weekends, would meet in each others living rooms and swap horse stories while deciding what club business to tackle. An annual horse show was a source of revenue and a very large undertaking for the small group. Eventually, they turned their efforts to sponsoring a hunter pace in the fall. Members asked for more so a spring ride and an ECTRA sanctioned 25 mile endurance ride expaned their list of events.

Today, 100 members strong and growing, we still get together on weekends to ride and swap stories but some of our local trails are now un usable because of urban development. Our devotion to the club comes from the work we do on various committees.


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